Fans Helping Fix Uncharted 3’s Aim

Fans Helping Fix Uncharted 3’s Aim

I think Crecente was a little kind with his Uncharted 3 review. For me, the changes made to the gunplay (namely in the speed and accuracy with which you aim your weapons) nearly killed the game for me, and for a game where you spend so much time playing with guns, that’s a big problem.

So much so that developers Naughty Dog, who initially said the alterations were a concession towards realism, eventually got some long-time fans of the game into their offices to help fix things. Explain to the developers why they thought the new system was awesome while so many people actually playing the game hated it.

That feedback has helped Naughty Dog with its work on an upcoming patch for the game, which will, among other things, let gamers choose to either retain Uncharted 3’s “new” mode or switch back to something closer to that found in Uncharted 2, whose aiming felt looser (and whose bullets actually went where the reticle was pointing).

Interestingly, Naughty Dog say that in months of testing prior to release not a single person had an issue with the game’s aiming.

How Smart Uncharted Fans Changed Naughty Dog’s Game [Giant Bomb]


  • Dunno what Matt was saying… Anyway, thank god they are fixing what ever is wrong with the aiming. It was really bugging me, although I got used to it soon enough.

    • I think he means the things you could unlock for the SP like the stupidly Doughnut Drake to unlimited ammo and any gun you felt like….I think.

      As for aiming UC3 feels more like it’s gone backwards towards one. You can’t aim, you think you’re aimed and miss, you miss their heads 10 times in a row but apparently you hit them because you unlock the trophy for it and they’re bullet sponges again.

  • The aiming was/is abysmal. I like the fact that they’re giving the option to turn it on/off that way everyone gets what they want. I can’t believe no one noticed it during testing. The thing that I find strange is that the aim is much better in the games multiplayer component, why would they have 2 different ways?

  • Ah, I thought the dodgey aimng was because I was playing on Normal mode this time instead of Easy.
    I won’t bother turn it off, but it’s good to see they’re fixing this kind of thing.

  • Wow, I thought it was only me who thought that the gunfights felt so different. I didn’t remember it feeling so different from UC2.

    Was frustrated with the gunfights and enjoyed the platforming way more instead.

  • I think the way the game was handled on my PS3 could be worth fixing. Where it seemed to constantly auto-save and stream from the hard drive constantly causing the (awesome) music to stutter.

    Honestly, I finished the game on Hard the aim didn’t bother me. Sure I probably unloaded more rounds compared to UC2. I don’t think it really deserves all the attention its getting though.

  • I don’t understand how the “alterations were a concession towards realism”.
    The way it works now is you can aim horizontally and vertically kind of fine, although the acceleration feels incredibly fast. But you cannot aim diagonally very well. Last time I checked, realism doesn’t mean you can’t aim diagonally, and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to turn your aim a few notches without turning 2160 degrees. I persisted through it, only out of my love for Uncharted and Naughty Dog.
    But this quote is what frustrates me the most: “Naughty Dog say that in months of testing prior to release not a single person had an issue with the game’s aiming”? Seriously, what the fuck do these testers even do? If I had tested UC3, the first thing I would have done was test the smoothness of the aiming, and I would have shat in their coffees until they fixed it.
    These last few months have been plagued with games which seemed far more rushed than tested. BF3 had very shitty aiming controls, full of objects disappearing and reappearing, random flashes of colour on the screen. Uncharted 3 had quite a few notable bugs/glitches which forced me to reload checkpoints a couple of times (one of which saw Sully relentlessly trying to assassinate a wall with constant streams of gunfire and I could not progress without him). In Skyrim, I saw NPCs randomly appear and disappear (and no, not at doorways, I mean like out in the middle of fucking roads). Saints Row 3, well that’s a Saints Row game, I don’t really need to say much else.
    I can’t think of too many games in the past 6 months that I’ve bought where I didn’t feel like I paid for a beta test
    Such is the way gaming is going.

    • “But this quote is what frustrates me the most: “Naughty Dog say that in months of testing prior to release not a single person had an issue with the game’s aiming”? Seriously, what the fuck do these testers even do?

      I agree, this is the FIRST thing I noticed and I often wonder the same thing to myself. The other issue I had with the game was the platforming could have been more refined, I often found drake trying to jump straight up when i’m telling him to jump to the very obvious ledge to the left or right, or him jumping for and missing something all together.

      For those who say they didn’t notice anything wrong with the aiming I can only describe it as a circular deadzone on the right stick which extends slightly in each diagonal direction, which for me makes aiming very difficult. You’ll notice this deadzone only comes into effect once you zoom, normally if you make a small circle on the thumb stick the camera will move around slightly, but press L1 and continue to do it you’ll find the reticule wont move, you’ll also notice this isn’t there in the multiplayer component of the game.

  • @Ridort: I think the “concession towards realism” was adjusting it so that the shots follow a trajectory straight out of the barrel, whereas before you had the situtation where shots went straight to the reticle (meaning that bullets could leave the barrel at an angle). I think that’s what’s meant by the comment “[Uncharted 2’s] bullets actually went where the reticle was pointing.”

    At least that’s what I recall reading when this issue was first brought up.

  • Shouldnt this be a testament to Naughty Dogs commitment to their games? They went out of their way to get some fans to come in and give them feedback on the game from a players perspective.

    I know that in the development cycle, you may put a feature in to test it, and if nothing is obviously wrong with it, it can stay there for until the game launches. I’m sure they QA Testers, but even things slip by them, because they play the game for so many hours and days, that they also adapt to the way the game feels.

  • I thought the aiming felt pretty off as I’ve been playing it. Figured it was just my imagination, but I guess this is why.

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