3000 People Lined Up In Tokyo For 105 Nintendo Switch Consoles

[Image: Tokudane via Science Plus]

Earlier this month in Tokyo's Ikebukuro, around 3,000 people lined up at a retailer for a chance to buy one of 105 Switch consoles.

As Game Memo and Science Plus report, the line was recently featured on Japanese morning show Tokudane. As with other Switch sales in Japan, people lined up to get a raffle number. Winners got the chance to buy one of the consoles. The others got nothing.

[Image: Tokudane via Game Memo]

This isn't the first time the Switch has drawn a line of 3,000 people or more in Japan. The weekend before did just that. However, those retailers reportedly more consoles with numbers like 300 or 500 consoles given.

[Image: Tokudane via Game Memo]

Three thousand people trying to get one of 105 consoles ain't good odds!

Tokudane also sent one of its reporters to 48 different stores in Tokyo to try to walk right in and buy a Switch.

[Image: Tokudane via Game Memo]

The console wasn't available at any of them.

[Image: Tokudane via Game Memo]

People don't have a choice but to line up. These two have been lining up nearly every week since May to buy one for their grandchild.

For now, expect the Nintendo Switch shortages to continue in Japan.


    Can they not buy from overseas retailers like say um Australia....

    Mate. Glad I got mine!

      Thing is you can walk into any store here in Australia and buy one right away. I'm surprised people in Japan haven't tried buying online and shipping it from another country

        Indeed, supply in US is still terrible as well.

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