Battlegrounds Trolls Are Using Car Horns To Annoy Popular Streamers

Battlegrounds Trolls Are Using Car Horns To Annoy Popular Streamers

Image source: Dr Disrespect.

“There’s nothing worse than getting stream sniped,” streamers said a mere week ago. Oh, how naive they were.

The latest major update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds added, among many other things, car horns. Suddenly, as though exposed to a moon stone, stream sniping — the practice of watching somebody’s stream of a game and using it to gain an upper hand — evolved.

Now instead of stalking their favourite streamers and killing them, people have taken to following them around in cars and honking at them incessantly. It’s called stream honking, and it’s infuriating and/or hilarious, depending on your perspective.

Here’s Grimmmz, one of the most popular PUBG streamers, suffering through it:

And here’s Twitch superstar Lirik getting stream honked by the same person for multiple games:

It happened to the man, the myth, the moustache Dr Disrespect, too. He ended up shooting at some and ranting about others:

Stream honkers are like flies buzzing around streamers’ ears, but also they have air horns, are giant, and periodically fall out of the sky right next to their targets. Stream honking can be funny, but it’s definitely been getting under streamers’ skin.

In the latter respect, it’s similar to the practice that spawned it. Stream sniping has been the talk of the battletown among players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since last week, when a player got banned for allegedly stream sniping popular streamer Shroud.

The player in question protested, claiming it was just a coincidence. Many others sided with him, saying they believe it’s too hard for developers to prove that players are stream sniping and that a lot of the time it’s just a scapegoat streamers blame when they’re losing. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, however, argued that developer Bluehole has access to troves of game data that provide necessary evidence in cases where they suspect players of stream sniping.

Should stream honking be treated like stream sniping? That’s a tough question. On one hand, stream honkers aren’t technically walloping, shooting, or sniping streamers, but they are, one could argue, intentionally hurting their play experience.

Let’s be real here: it’s briefly funny, but then it quickly becomes annoying as shit. Perhaps, then, the moment will pass and the problem will take care of itself. If not, though, I foresee another one of yesterday’s big update additions — a “report” button — getting a lot of usage in the near future.


  • LOL, television reporters have been suffering these morons for decades. Welcome to the real world, streamers! 😛

  • I remember a few years ago I was testing some streaming just to see how it works out. A group of players noticed, banded together and focused strictly on getting matched up against me specifically to destroy me.

  • I say good on ’em! Besides, streamers have been doing this to their viewers for years with their constant yelling and wooting during their unnecessary bouts of faux bro-excitement in their crappy videos. It’s about time they got some back.

    Oh, you’ve just met someone in Hello Kitty?? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!
    You’re playing a scary game and a you pretenting to be scared from a jumpscare you totally know was coming up?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!
    You just logged into Starcraft?? YEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHH!!

    Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you want to endure more videos of some random twat yelling uncontrollably.

        • I don’t get it…haha. so what, playing the same session as the streamer to kill them or something like that?

          • Yeah, so they’ll watch the stream while concurrently trying to get in the same session as the streamer, so if they’re matched together they can see exactly where the streamer is and what they’re doing at all times. Cue hilarity/douchebaggery.

    • yeah totally agree. It’s like they always feel like they need to be “on”.
      I get that they want to be entertaining but dial it back…
      I would rather someone play the scary ass game for the first time in the stream so the jump scares are genuine. Nothing worse than watching someone pretend to be scared to something they clearly saw coming… It’s like they go from 0 to ADHD x10

  • I used to do similar in GTAO when somebody brought their stream in to open chat.
    Wouldn’t watch their stream, just chase them about and make a nusance of myself.

  • Just a phase that will pass quickly as long as “journalists” don’t give it the light of day.

    Streamers are probably slightly less worse than welfare bludgers only in the sense they may one day make enough money to have to live off our taxes. Either way they really are the bottom feeders of society.

    • I used to like watching my friend play Dark Souls while he was drunk, Sadly, Watching him play drunk made me the desinated driver er um watcher? Lol

  • More online gamers acting like twats because it’s ‘fun’ to ruin other people’s game.
    But at the same time streamers are attention seeking narcissists.

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