Brock And Misty Are Returning To The Pokemon TV Anime

After being re-written out of Pokémon history in the latest Pokémon movie, Brock and Misty are coming to the Pokémon Sun Moon television anime. But only for two episodes. That figures!

New Pokemon Movie Rewrites History, Ditches Brock And Misty

The upcoming Pokemon movie is a re-telling of the Indigo League stories, with two glaring omissions.

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The latest issue of Televi-kun has the following announcement:

Brock and Misty will appear in September 14 and the September 21 Sun Moon episodes, during which Ash will be journing back to Kanto, and he'll meet up with his old pals.


    I am glad the Pokemon company is at least over pretending they didn't exist for some reason...

    Wait wtf is the new animation style? That's atrocious

    It might not be a popular opinion, but I personally think each season should have followed a new trainer with new friends and rivals. They ruined the image of Ash for me by making him part ways with Misty and Brock, and neglecting his old Pokemon to boot... Would've been far better to start fresh imo...

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