Comedy Night, A Game About Virtual Stand-Up, Comes To PC

Image: Comedy Night / Steam

Originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2012, Comedy Night was an indie game that let players perform virtual stand-up comedy in front of a virtual audience. Five years later, the same game is finally making its way to PC.

Due out sometime this month, Comedy Night is fairly straightforward: you either perform live-stand up in front of a virtual audience, or go head to head against another performer.

Developers Lighthouse Games Studio announced this week the game was being released on PC, five years after its debut on Xbox Live. There aren't any announced plans to bring Comedy Night to the PS4 or Xbox One, although it's hard to imagine a port wouldn't be on the cards if the PC port gains traction.

In a separate Steam announcement, the devs added that they were looking for help stress testing the game's servers and networking before launch. Keys for those who put their hand up are expected to start going out today, although it's not known how many testers the developers are looking for.


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