Community Review: No Man's Sky Atlas Rises

The most monumental patch for No Man's Sky dropped late on Friday night, sparking a frenzy amongst fans and people who abandoned the space epic last year. So for something a little different with this week's Community Review, I thought we'd see who has checked back in with the game.

Perhaps the biggest thing the patch did, more so than the basics of multiplayer, was introduce structure. The game has a much sharper focus now, giving players a bit more of a guide if they get lost or bored with mining for hours on end. Ship movement has been improved substantially, and you don't have that silly rubberbanding every time you try to fly close to the surface.

No Man's Sky's Story Overhaul Gives The Game Focus

As No Man's Sky has developed, it's struggled to balance the appeal of its mystery with the utility that makes it playable. With yesterday's update, Atlas Rising, it feels like the game has finally struck that balance.

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Terraforming is a lot of fun as well, although it doesn't do a great deal to resolve the core gameplay loop that failed to inspire a lot of users. You're still journeying from planet to planet, collecting resources, selling resources, and the act of doing that isn't any more inspired than it was a year ago. I'm keen to see how the dogfighting and space combat has been improved, however.

How have you found No Man's Sky after the latest update?


    Booted it back up last night - I need more $$ I dislike my ship and I only have 4 million :( the mining gold - selling gold loop is back in full effect and is not enjoyable.

    Anyone know how to score $$ real fast?

      Find an area with high security, these usually have resources in abundance that you can just grab off the ground.

      Some are floating green orbs, others little pyramid looking stones, they usually sell for a whopping amount each.

      Once you grab one (or if you are spotted grabbing one) the space police come knocking, you can either blast them (and collect even more resources) or just run away.

      Depending on your inventory size you should be able to make a tidy profit in no time at all. (plus you get to explore around which is more fun than just hanging out at a station running from npc to npc)

        I found one planet that had those little spore things, and no space cops. None. I could loot all that I wanted.

        It got so fucking boring... but I got a new ship. I eventually left that planet because there comes a point where you want to do something in that game that isn't filling your inventory with sellable items, then running back to the acrefully-marked trade kiosk.

        I named and uploaded the kiosk, planet, and system very obviously (MONEY-MAKER'S PARADISE or something similar), so hopefully there are others benefitting from my find.

      Thanks guys :)

        Dynamic resonators are good (buy at space station, sell to the ships there if they're offering more).

        Otherwise, Lubricant is easy and fast. Get a base and your farm gear, ideally also a trade point in your base. Plant lots of Mordite. Reap every 5-6min, convert it to Lubricant in your inventory and sell.

    It's going to take a long time before I boot it back up again. Don't think I'll touch it until development effectively finishes. Too many other games to play.

    This might be controversial but... No Man's Sky is now at the point where I'd start paying for expansions.

    I was mystified with the initial introduction of base building to a game that was about endless exploration, but with the addition of new story elements (and some excellent guidance when it comes to 'what could I do next') I can endlessly explore these quest chains or just pursue vistas to my hearts content.. and magically transport back to my base throughout to slowly grow it and increase my capability and chance of survival.

    Co-Op existence isn't that exciting to me currently, certainly I'm not going out of my way to locate people, but should I one day be able to SEE other players I'll definitely jump in with some friends to experience that side of things (although it would need to be true co-op, i.e. visit each others base and/or complete each others missions).

    It's essentially the Euro Truck Sim 2 of space... calming, rhythmic, surprisingly stupendously gorgeous with stretches of truly banal activity that somehow devours hours of gaming time.

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    Now $38 pre-owned at EB Games.
    Sounds like it's good value at this price?

      $21 on the Playstation store. The lesson here is that no matter how much of a rip off the Playstation store is, it's still nothing compared to the contempt EB has for their customers.

        Can't argue with that, but downloading current-gen titles is outside my tolerance for my internet connection. On the other hand, all these latest updates are probably 20+ GB anyway.


          Nah, the whole game is under 5 gig to download from scratch, including the update.

    I got stuck into this game again yesterday after several months.

    Problem I had, was that I was in the process of switching my home base to a different planet when the update occurred and now I have to complete all the missions from my console operators again.

    Apart from that, I'm loving the new update, the new aliens, the portals. Creates more questions than answers, but that's what's making it so addictive right now.

    I'm just glad they finally fixed the bug with measuring distances between stars. Only another 600 jumps or so to the centre, before I had no way of figuring it out.

    It's convinced me to rebuy the game on steam. Believe me it's nowhere near the game we were promised but it's a step in the right direction. Helps the game is also 60% off right now on steam. The 60% off price is what it should be priced at.

      Does the steam version have a better/adjustable draw-distance when flying over planets?

      That one factor really fucking killed NMS on the PS4 for me. Trying to explore planets while most of the scenery was still trying to pop-in just as I was already on top of it was just... immersion-shatteringly bad.

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