Guile Is Now Selling Hair Gel In Japan

[Image: J-Gel]

Guile. Hair. Gel. It makes sense that the Street Fighter character would now be a hair product pitchman in Japan.

Guile is the new spokesperson for J-Gel from Yanagiya, a company that's been making cosmetics since 1615.

[Image: J-Gel]

The official site has a humorous interview with Guile in which he says nuggets like this, "Disheveled hair is connected to losing one's composure. It's not cool."

Damn right.

[Image: J-Gel]

Able to keep his hair in place with doing a somersault kick, Guile says the "Ultra Hard" type of J-Gel is his "partner" from now on.

[Image: J-Gel]

Everyone should be relieved that Guile has finally found his ideal hair gel.


    Next he should sell hedge trimmers :P

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