Jurassic World Evolution Is Rollercoaster Tycoon With Dinosaurs

And it's being developed by the team behind Planet Coaster.

Yeah uh... sign me up please.

This is such a good idea.


    So... A sequel to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. I'm sold already.

    "deploy non-lethal counter measures"
    That T-rex just ate a guy! Mabye the deceased was also a clone so they dont care too much.

    There are no words to explain how long I have waited for this. Like, at least 65 million years.


    As long as they keep all the breeding programmes and complexity of purchasing fossils to research!

    So it's like...Dino Park Tycoon? :)

      Loved that game - that auctioneer audio still gets me to this day.

    Dude! How could you take this moment from Alex?

    Wow. Yes. Now please.

    (US) Spring 2018 apparently. Lots of things they can do with this, very excited by this unexpected but totally logical mash-up.

    A game 65 million years in the making! Take my money.

    Being developed by Frontier Developments(Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Planet Coaster), I hope they focus on the management side of the game a bit than they did for Planet Coaster, that was the only downside of that game.

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