Poll: Video Game Would-You-Rathers

Poll: Video Game Would-You-Rathers

Video games often put us through tough choices. Here are 10 more.

“Would-You-Rather” is one of the great classic road trip or party games. You present two impossible choices to someone, and then make them choose. In the spirit of the impossible decisions games put me through, here’s 10 video game themed Would-You-Rathers. It’s a poll, so you can see if you’re on the right side of history.

(h/t to McSweeney’s for these equally hard literary Would-You-Rathers!)


  • These are pretty easy. Watch Aeris die, I don’t know who she is. Never be able to beat the underwater levels, someone else can do it for you. Ideas that no one will ever make is already the default. Why would you not want to talk like Duke Nukem? And I’d play Senran Kagura anywhere, what’s the problem there. Once a day Navi is the obvious answer. Man of Steel wasn’t so bad and is over pretty quickly. Who cares about dog buttons. Switch cartridges don’t taste so bad. And I’m already playing videogames nonstop til I die.

  • The amount of people who don’t realize that Tidus was fake laughing in that scene will never cease to drive me up the damn wall.

    • I didn’t know that (because I haven’t played the game yet) but the laugh is awesome nonetheless!

    • And they even break in into genuine laughter toward the end of the scene! It’s so obvious. I’m pretty sure it’s just a meme now, like the fact Nickelback is shit.

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