Razer's Chroma LED Kit For Your PC Looks, Um, Colourful

Adding to its frankly disgustingly large range of Chroma RGB LED keyboards, mice and headsets, Razer now has a standalone box that'll sync all your peripherals with lights inside your PC case. Here's how much you'll pay and when you can get it.

The Razer Chrome Hardware Development Kit, to give it its full Christian name, uses a microUSB data cable for Razer's Synapse software controls, and either a USB power cable or a Molex adapter for lighting power either outside or inside your case.

You get two 50cm RGB LED strips with 16 surface-mount LEDs each in the box, as well as two 30cm extender cables, all of which sticks to wherever you want to stick it with double-sided tape. You've got a metre of cable from your USB port and 1.5 metres from DC power, which sounds like more than enough even if you're thinking of hooking the kit up to the back of your monitor for those Lightpack-esque visuals.

The Chroma HDK will cost $119.95 in Australia and $129.95 in New Zealand, and you'll be able to buy it some time in the third quarter of this year on Razer's website. There's no price yet for the expandable LED strip kit. [Razer]


    What a ridiculous, useless, waste of money. I'm going to buy 2.

    As usual with razer products. Its the same as everything else. But twice the price because it has a razer logo on it.

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