There's A Tiny Spot In Zelda Where Cel-Shading Doesn't Work

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a very distinctive cel-shaded look. That, for some reason, breaks if you climb inside one tiny little space.

Image: Rangers_of_the_North

Rangers_of_the_North noticed it around a month ago (thanks, @MaxOfS2D) after climbing into the area, which you can find halfway up the gatehouse on the bridge over Lake Hylia.

Image: Rangers_of_the_North

As soon as you enter, the trademark shading is disabled, leaving Link looking like a terrifying children's doll.

Image: Rangers_of_the_North

Actually, he looks more like a 1997 Square Enix cutscene.

Image: Rangers_of_the_North

Image: Marxally

There are more shots linked in the Reddit thread here.


    man.. I have no idea how people find this stuff

      Probably trying to find korok seed then went into the hole to check.

    I'm honestly a bit surprised my son hasn't told me this.

    Nintendo. Please update the graphics to use non-cell shading. That Linky looks amazing.

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