How Much Gaming Swag Do You Own?

How Much Gaming Swag Do You Own?

There’s almost more gamer swag and merchandise available than actual games. Question is, how much of it appeals to you?

We’ve recently gone and redone one of our meeting rooms in the office to be more “colourful”. That meant jazzing it up with a bit of gamer swag, from the odd poster to a Pop! vinyl and some Lego-ish Mario blocks that came from Christ knows where.

I don’t have that much gamer swag at home, although that’s partially because I’m not allowed to put anything on the walls. Aren’t rental laws fun?

But if I could, hot damn I would want this Wonder Woman poster.

Another treasured icon that I brought home from a recent trip to Japan: a plushie Psyduck. Psyduck is the best.

How much gaming swag and merch do you own?


  • Bought the CEs for base Destiny and The Taken King. An in packet action Figure of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinites, signed by the Good Game crew. I bought the Loading, Ready, Run MTG playmat signed by Graham and Kathleen. And was given a Fallout Pop Vinyl for the office secret Santa.

    Not as much as I thought, and yet my shelves of Geek are full…

  • Not much, only really artbooks and a figure or two from Persona and Monster Hunter.
    I got a Fallout pop thing for a secret santa too.

  • Not too much. A few pop viynl figures, my psychonaut miniatures, a couple of t-shirts and a few other bits and bobs that are about like my boys of silence action figure.

  • I won the Halo 5 collectors edition from this Betty sure so I have this massive Master Chief/Spartan Locke statue that takes up a whole lot of space!

    Apart from that not much – my son has a Demoman Action Figure that’s cool that’s about it though

  • A few collectors edition type figurines – Lara Croft (TR2013), Connor (AC3). Couple of posters.

    And my Destiny 2 arrived this morning, with a Crota bobblehead. 😀

  • A bunch of amiibos – most of the Zelda ones, most of the main Nintendo characters Smash line and a few other randoms. Got the candy tins from EB in the shape of Mario 1up mushrooms and questions blocks.

    The dominating ones are the First 4 Figures Zelda statues. I have Link, Dark Link and Sheik. Then Darunia. The guy is massive and doesn’t fit on the shelf with the others.

    There are also an assortment of plush ones that the kids play with.

    • I’ve nearly bought a F4F once or twice.

      Well, I do have some but only the cheaper mass produced ones.

      I’d like Link on Loftwing. So dang expensive. :sobs:

      • They started off OK, but the prices are insane now. There are some really nice ones.

        I’m still pretty sad I missed the OG Samus one.

        I missed Sheik but offered to pay extra to pick up one allocated to the UK and they did 🙂

        Dark Link is the most bad ass one that I have.

        I think Darunia was the last one I got, and I won’t be getting anymore. Cost way too much.

  • Amiibo, some Zelda figures/figma, Club Nintendo loot, and… That’s kinda it for the gaming stuff.

    Also: please burn all Pop! Vinyls.

  • Just two figures on my desk. I walk around the shops that sell the stuff and love pretty much all of it – get the whole “kid in a toyshop vibe” but then when I think about buying it I just shudder at the thought of the extra clutter/space it’ll take and what I’ll actually ever do with it? More money for games too is the rationale I use to dissuade me from purchase!

  • Toooo fricken much. And I’ve only been collecting (hoarding) it for a couple years ;O Just moved out so it’s all boxed up, but yeah… probably should be getting rid of a lot of it.

    A tip from an ex renter dude – there’s these stick on hooks you can get at places like Kmart or supermarkets that stick on walls and can be pulled down after years with no damage to the wall. Last place we rented for 4 years, all came off the wall no worries. This kind of thing: we had a bunch of posters, framed pictures, even a big ass piece of wood where I hung my controllers.

  • None really. I used to buy collectors editions, but i’ve gone & sold those apart from my GTA V one. I’m more a music merch/memorabilia person.

    • Oh I still have a few of those UV reactive posters that came with BioShock 2, they were neat. But that’s it really.

  • Never been a fan of it for the most part, but damn if the figma/nendoroids weren’t a slippery slope to get caught on.

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