Lego Dimensions’ Second Year Ends Well

Lego Dimensions’ Second Year Ends Well
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This weeks marks the release of the final wave of toys in Lego Dimensions year two, possibly the final wave ever. If the game’s going out, adding Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice to the mix in one fell swoop is a heck of a way to go.


It’s been a pretty good second year for Lego Dimensions, adding in a slew of licensed bricky fun to the most playable of the toys-to-life games. We’ve gotten content from Sonic the Hedgehog, Knight Rider, The Lego Batman Movie, Goonies, Gremlins, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Lego City and more.

Wave nine consists of team packs (two characters and two accessories/vehicles) and fun packs (one character and accessory) for Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls, as well as a fun pack for classic horror comedy Beetlejuice. Let’s start with Lego Michael Keaton, or at least Lego Michael Keaton sound-alike.

Beetlejuice is one of the more unlikely licensed properties to join the Lego Dimensions family, but it works really well. Just look at that worm ride. That’s a work of art.

The Beetlejuice adventure world unlocked via the toys starts off pretty bleak, just a howling wasteland and an old creepy house.

Things liven up a bit inside the house, where characters from the film hang about, offering missions to complete and puzzles to solve.

Upstairs there’s a portal to the afterlife waiting room, which is neat. Even better, the attic contains the model city from the film, and . . .

. . . you can teleport inside of it! There’s an entire little city to explore.

I wasn’t looking forward to Beetlejuice in Lego Dimensions. Now it’s one of my favourite worlds. Go figure.

I was looking forward to Teen Titans Go. It’s one of my children’s favourite shows, so I’ve seen just about every episode, sometimes multiple times in a row. My children are amazing little monsters.

Between the fun packs and team packs we get three of five Titans. If you want the complete set, Robin from The Lego Batman Movie set and DC Comics Cyborg have special skins in the Teen Titans Go world. It’s a neat way to go about assembling the full team, but I wouldn’t have minded buying cartoon-styled duplicates.

In the Teen Titans Go adventure world we’ve got the entirety of Jump City to explore, including the interior of Titan Tower.

But the real stars here are the characters, especially Raven and Beast Boy. Armed with her spellbook, Raven can summon a My Pretty Pegasus from her favourite cartoon. She can also transfer her soul into an actual raven and fly about. Beast Boy gets stretchy arms and several active transformations. Plus he’s adorable.

Finally we have the Powerpuff Girls. There was a time I would have been ridiculously excited about this set, but the new series has soured me a bit. I miss the old voice actors, especially Tara Strong’s Bubbles (Strong also voices Raven from Teen Titans, making the whole thing really weird.)

The toys are pretty great, especially Octi, Bubbles’ stuffed Octopus. He’s the best.

The adventure world is crisp and colourful, but the girls always look sort of strange around the eyes in 3D.

But hey, they have got the tone right, the girls leave their colour trails when flying, and there are statues of the creepiest animated villain ever — Him — to be smashed.

Also the Professor’s lab is slightly on fire. That happens.

This could be it for Lego Dimensions, at least in its current form. Warner Bros. announced year two at E3 2016, and so far there’s been not a peep out of them regarding the game’s ultimate fate, be it a year three, a sequel or straight up cancellation. If the latter is the case, at least it’s leaving on a good note.


  • I really hope Dimensions continues into a third year (and beyond) but it doesn’t look too hopeful right now…

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