Meet The GTA Online Player Who Puts Every Car To The Test

Meet The GTA Online Player Who Puts Every Car To The Test

Cars in GTA Online can cost over a million dollars, but surprisingly, the most expensive vehicles are not the fastest. With over 400+ vehicles to choose from, each with its own stats and special abilities, GTA Online players are inundated by choice.

The game is updated often, so that number keeps going up. Fans looking for a new ride will likely consult one player in particular to see if a car is worth buying at all.

In 2013, Adam Brough, better known online as Broughy, knew he loved cars and racing games. Going into GTA V, Broughy already knew a lot about cars and motorsports, so he decided to make videos about how to get the most out of your vehicle.

Through all of this, Broughy kept noticing that, while GTA V had a vibrant community, much of the car information online wasn’t quite right. Some of these assumptions were based on the in-game car stat bars, which, as it turns out, weren’t accurate.

“I saw a lot of misinformation regarding the best cars for races,” Broughy said. Players who actually tested cars out, meanwhile, didn’t develop standardised evaluations, meaning that the conclusions would be skewed, too. So, Broughy came up with a plan.

Broughy built a custom track with a good mix of straightaways and turns. Here, he would test every car with max upgrades to see how they’d fare. And, to examine top speeds, he built a long, straightforward track. These tests require dashing around a course anywhere from 10 to 50 times, a process that can take up to an hour per car.

He’s done the test so many times, he can probably do it blindfolded now. The fastest lap time ends up going into the official video, where he also takes time to comment on the overall strengths and weaknesses of the car in question.

Broughy’s content is reminiscent of the lap time segment on Top Gear, where The Stig drives around a special track with a set time. Unsurprisingly, Broughy has now become one of the leading sources on what cars to buy in GTA V. Some people swear that they wait for Broughy’s videos before considering a purchase.

“I feel an extra level of responsibility knowing that a lot of people wait for my testing before making their decisions on cars to buy.” Broughy said.

Meet The GTA Online Player Who Puts Every Car To The Test
GTA Online’s Elegy RH8

GTA Online’s Elegy RH8

Through his years of testing, Broughy continues to be surprised by The Elegy RH8, a free vehicle available to players who linked their GTA character with their Rockstar Social Club account. Despite being free, the Elegy RH8 ended up being the fastest sports car in the game.

“I was shocked,” Broughy said. “It was one of the most difficult for people to accept … as they would often say their preferred sports cars were quicker until they actually tried to beat the lap times I’d set in the Elegy.”

All these years later, after dozens of updates and new cars have been added to GTA Online, the Elegy RH8 is still the top sports car according to Broughy’s tests.

Some of the more contested conclusions happen with expensive cars, like the million dollar Adder. In that case, Broughy proved that the Entity XF, a car that cost $US200k less, was actually faster overall despite being cheaper.

“It was hard in the early days” explained Broughy, “A lot of people simply couldn’t seem to accept that the Entity XF was quicker around a track.”

Over the years, GTA Online has continued to add to its roster of cars, with every new update adding half a dozen or more new vehicles. Often, these new cars are really expensive, and so Broughy’s work has only become more vital for hardcore fans.

“The prices of vehicles in GTA has increased and my testing can help them decide if a car they’re thinking about buying is actually worth spending the money on,” Broughy said.

“I’m not the biggest fan of the way Rockstar have increasingly monetised the game to the detriment of the overall experience so anything I can do to help people not waste money, either in game or real life if they’re buying shark cards, is good with me.”

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