Modders Release Super Mario 64 Online

Modders Release Super Mario 64 Online

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Maybe you’d like to replay the original Super Mario 64 as Toad, WaLuigi, Peach. Or maybe you really wanted to play Mario 64 with friends. Either way, thanks to modders, you can now do both.

Super Mario 64 Online was released earlier this morning online, with support for up to 16 players online. The basic principle is that each “player” is playing their own separate game of Mario, with individual star counts and power metres.

Each of the characters handles differently as well. Wario plays a little like he does in Warioland, as an example.

To actually get online play going, you’ll need to be familiar with port forwarding and/or Hamachi. There’s a tutorial here on how to get SM64 going, if you need it. But if you just want to get an idea of how the game plays, you can check it out below.

There’s no interactions with other characters, sadly, although this could be fun in having multiple speedrunners in the same server at once. It’ll also enable superfast speedruns of the game, where people divvy up all the stars between them.

And who knows? Now that Mario 64 has some form of online play, there’s a whole range of other Nintendo games to tackle. Like old-school Zelda.


  • I could be mistaken, but there is some form of interaction with other players, isn’t there?
    At least in the alpha videos, you could jump on each other, attack each other and hurt/kill each other. You couldn’t walk through each other.

    Hell, even in the trailer, during the “hide and seek” part, you can see Waluigi attack Peach.

    I digress; I am pretty hype. Now I just need any friends who would play it with me…

    • I actually have been playing this game with my friends, since yesterday afternoon. I can confirm that there is actually interaction between players. Whether it be hitting each other (Which actually damages the receiver, taking away health), or just normal collision detection like you would expect on a typical multiplayer game.

      I don’t think the writers of this article have even played the game, if they are saying that there is no interaction between players, and must be just purely speculating.

  • you’ll need to be familiar with port forwarding and/or Hamachi

    We all need to get more people on IPv6 post-haste so we can stop having to worry about these duct-tape solutions….

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