New Call Of Duty Mode Let Players Squash Enemies With Their Fingers

New Call Of Duty Mode Let Players Squash Enemies With Their Fingers

I was sceptical this past weekend when I saw “Gesture Warfare” listed in the featured playlist on Infinite Warfare. Killing players with the finger gun? A flick of the wrist?

It all sounded completely ridiculous, but then I remembered how much I enjoy Modern Warfare Remastered‘s hide-and-seek ‘Prop Hunt” mode. I literally play as trash in Prop Hunt and it is still fun, so I decided to try my luck with Gesture Warfare.

Gestures are hand motions that players can equip to their soldier’s loadout and use in-game to say hi to other players or taunt them, whichever. You can unlock a number of different gestures through Supply Drops to add a little personal flair to your soldier. Gestures include things like a simple salute, flicking a lighter, or throwing up devil horns. They have never been used as a weapon until this weekend.

Above: Gesture Warfare in action.

There’s no denying how absurd it is to see everyone boosting around on space-themed maps and killing each other with hand gestures, but I couldn’t stop playing and laughing. The matches were Team Deathmatch or Free-for-All modes with players cycling through a set of nine different gestures. Each gesture had a unique way to kill your opponents, such as crushing them or causing instant combustion.

It worked similar to the Gun Game mode, where you start with a random gun and you can’t cycle to the next weapon until you get a kill. It was pretty easy to get kills in Gesture Warfare, because all you do is aim and activate the gesture with the tactical grenade button. The animation of the lighter for the “Light It Up” gesture takes a little more time than others, but all of the gesture kills are pretty fun to execute.

Today is the last day to play Gesture Warfare for Infinite Warfare, but I hope we’ll see this weekend mode again.


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