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Michael Shinde is an artist at Turtle Rock who has also worked on games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


On Sunday night, Call of Duty commentator Jack Campbell announced his departure from the esports scene and his plan to deactivate his Twitter account. Campbell's love life has become a topic de rigeur for Call of Duty fans in the past month, in spite of Campbell's attempts to stave off fans' speculation. The situation came to a head this past weekend when a woman close to Campbell revealed screenshots of private conversations that implied the Call of Duty commentator has a foot fetish.


The fan-favourite Prop Hunt mode returned to Modern Warfare Remastered on June 30 as part of Call of Duty's "Days of Summer" event, which runs until August 1. In addition to disguising themselves as garbage or furniture on a map for a wacky game of hide and seek, players are being trolled by one map with outlandish seasonal props and RPGs.


It's like the Call of Duty version of extreme couponing. Last weekend, Infinite Warfare's Double XP weekend allowed many players to stack up bonuses and challenges to snag over a million XP from just one multiplayer match. One enterprising streamer even racked up 2.5 million XP in a single game.


The $US49.99 ($67) season pass for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets you four map packs with four new multiplayer maps each. What it doesn't guarantee is that these new maps will actually come up in multiplayer matches online. In my experience so far, playing a DLC map is like finding a unicorn.


There's been no shortage of quality first-person shooters in the last few months: Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, to name three of the big ones. Honest Trailers has had to play a bit of catch-up, but it's now covered two out of three (though you might say two-and-a-half, since it did a video on the original Titanfall at the start of the month), with Infinite Warfare as the latest instalment.