Oh Look, A GTX 1080 For $720

Oh Look, A GTX 1080 For $720

Given that most retailers are selling the Vega 64 GPU for – and I’m not kidding – $850 or more, a GTX 1080 for $720 is a nice deal indeed.

It’s not the Founder’s Edition pictured above, but through Futu Online’s eBay store you can get the MSI GTX 1080 X OC model for $719.20, cheapest shipping included.

That’s about the same price as what it’ll cost you to get a Vega 56, and maybe even a little cheaper depending on your preferred retailer.

(To get the discount, you’ll need to apply the discount code PICNIC, as seen in the screenshot above.)

More than 10 cards are available at the time of writing, which doesn’t sound like much. But then again, high end GPUs don’t usually sell by the truckload in the first place because they’re so expensive.

So whenever a discount comes along, it’s worth jumping on – especially with recent news that GDDR5 RAM prices are on the rise, which the GTX 10 GPUs all rely upon.


  • If you’re willing to go with a different brand, both MSY and Umart are listing an 8GB Galax GTX1080 OC for $699. No need to buy online, just rock up to the shop.

    It is a good deal if you’re specifically after the MSI since it’s still $815 on MSY and $825 on Umart. Umart does have an MSI GTX1080 for $735 though it’s not the same model.

    Note: Slightly different clock speeds on all the different models make comparisons a pain πŸ™

    • Personally i’d rather go for the Galax, they have some really solid cards. But that’s because I have never really liked MSI that much, they just try & seem too gamery & their coolers look ugly.

      • I must admit I haven’t bought MSI for a long time, since I had a mobo die with bad caps. Spec wise though, I think the MSI is slightly higher clocked and some people prefer the speed.

        Personally, I reckon you either buy the absolute cheapest and take the risk the quality is ok or you fork out more serious money and go for EVGA or Asus and try to get something with a better reputation. Considering I aim to upgrade somewhere between 12-24 months I figure a cheap card is ok. Dies in the first 12 months then it’s under warranty. Dies after that, well guess it’s time to upgrade πŸ™‚

        • Funnily enough, EVGA i’ve found are the cheapest of the bigger names, especially if you buy them from Newegg and have it shipped to Aus (world wide warranty ftw). I got my 1070 for just over $500 AUD from them & that thing overclocks like a beast, I get it to just over 2Ghz on the GPU & that’s stable.

          • I’d be buying the FTW or classified editions though. πŸ™‚

            I came within a whisker of getting an EVGA for my 1070 but picked up a Gainward for about the same price and didn’t have to wait on shipping or worry about returns (though EVGA does have a great return policy).

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