Quiz: There Are Too Many Good Games Out Right Now. Which Should You Play?

The video game gods have been good to us in 2017, but that means there are way too many games to choose from. Take this quiz to find out which one you should devote your precious time to.


    I got Nidhogg 2... never played the first one... I never really thought of it as my type of game.

    Got Mario + Rabbids. Already a couple of hours in to it. Quite fun, though some of the questions on the quiz were cringe-worthy.

    I got Sonic Mania. I haven't played much of anything else since it came out so I guess that's pretty accurate.

    Sonic Mania. Uh nope. Never played any sonic games. Never owned a Sega. No nostalgia there at all for me. I'll stick with Mario Rabbids.

    I got Sunless Sea and called a liar at the same time; this quiz is accurate and broken.

    No Man's Sky huh...I wish I could get a refund on the time I spent doing this quiz.

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    What I have learned from this is that you can help someone make a decision by getting them to answer a whole bunch of questions unrelated to anything and then totally ignoring their answers anyway. Which would be a great lesson if I didn't do that already.

    The ones without rippoff microtransactions.

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