The Australian Developer Who Cried During His Naughty Dog Interview (And Still Got The Job)

Boon Cotter is an Australian game developer currently working as a lighting artist at Naughty Dog. If you know anything about the level of talent at Naughty Dog, you'll be aware that's a huge deal.

But earlier today Boon told the story of how he got that job at Naughty Dog, and it's incredible.

The response to the story, says Boon, has been overwhelming.

"[It's been] sensitive and kind," he said. "All overwhelmingly positive.

"From a pretty eclectic crowd too, one straight guy said he was crying "thuggish tears."

Boon is now fast approaching his third year at Naughty Dog.

"I love it here," he told Kotaku. "I can't imagine ever wanting to leave."



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