The Hell, Sega Toys

If you've seen Crayon Shin-chan, then you'll have a good idea of what to expect. No, this toy doesn't have Shin-chan drawing an elephant around his weenie like he has on the anime, but you can ascertain it still features the character's cheeky humour.

[Image: TVAsahi]

Note: This article might be NSFW.

Crayon Shin-chan, of course, is the highly successful manga and anime series with the lead character sometimes called "Japan's Bart Simpson".

This December, Sega Toys is releasing a balloon game in which players roll dice to see how many times they pump air from the character's rear into a balloon. The player who gets the balloon to fly from Shin-chan's butt is the winner.

[Image: Sega Toys]

Everybody else is a loser.


    To be a man you must have Honour....Honour and a.....

      LOL This was my first thought strangely enough! "Will you buy me a shotgun dad?"
      I fucking love this show so much! I first discovered it thanks to my ex wife who was Chinese, and over there it's call La Bi Xiao Xin, and I just fell in love with his dopey cuteness straight away.
      When I went to Tokyo I managed to find a bunch of DVD's of the show, and so damn glad I bought them!

    Someone needs to put out the original series unedited with subtitles or a dub. Adult Swim released a wrecked version without the childish sense of humour and weirdly edgy dialogue.

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