The World’s First Cat Cafe On A Train

The World’s First Cat Cafe On A Train

Japan loves trains. It also loves cats. So, put the two of them together, and you have the world’s first cat cafe on a train. All aboard!

[Image: billadler]

The cat cafe train was a one-day only event this past Sunday to help raise awareness for abandoned felines. The cats aboard the train were rescued and, as Japan Today explains, are under the protection of a shelter. As you can see in this photo from writer Bill Adler, the cat train looked fun!

The event was held on the Yoro Railway, departing from Gifu Prefecture. Participation was limited to a total of 80 passengers, with 40 allowed for the departure and another 40 allowed for the return trip. 

The ticket purchase came with a boxed lunch, and proceeds went to the cat shelter. A purrfect way to spend the day.


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