Which Batman Is The Best Batman?

Because it's her 25th anniversary, this year's Batman Day has been hijacked by Harley Quinn. While the rest of the world is obsessing over a lovable maniac with a lapsed medical accreditation, we want to revisit the question that always pops up when you think about how many versions of Batman there are.

Image: DC Kids via YouTube

Throughout the 78 years that the world's greatest detective has been saving the world and striking fear into the hearts of criminals, we've seen dozens of different takes on the Batman character that have ranged from brooding and dour to campy and effervescent. Perhaps you're a fan of Bob Kane's original hard-boiled, pulpy Batman who had no qualms about killing bad guys. Or maybe you're into Joel Schumacher's Batman, who understood the importance of accenting his Batsuit with nipples and a built-in codpiece (all practical decisions).

Personally, I'm more than partial to the Teen Titans Go! take on Bats, an absurdly wealthy, but uncharacteristically hands-off (and kind of dumb) Bruce Wayne who lovingly watches over the Titans from afar and leaves Robin notes signed "XOXO — Batman." But we'd like to hear from you guys: Who is the best Batman?


    I have a raging soft spot for the Brave and the Bold animated series Batman (the one in the article image). Still my fave Batman outside of comics and Diedrich Bader captured that Adam West X 80's animation Batman vibe and made it something.
    I think the writer who has best captured Batman as a character is probably Grant Morrison. He gave Batman a son and made it work.

    There is only one batman:

    Batman, Animated Series. It brought batman back from the brink of non-existance.

    Animated Series Batman with Superman Disguised as Batman!

      Love the Madhatter in this episode, but also how straight superman stands. THat was good acting from the animators.

      Dick Grayson as Batman in Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin - just a new classic take on 60's Batman - one where Damian Wayne has Bruce Wayne's over confident persona, but Dick Grayson grows into the role and has a malleable less grim worldview. It was the perfect comic that co-existed with a franchise of Batmen in Batman Inc. I could read it forever.

    Loser Batman!

    When batman makes a mistake or is unterly broken is when he is the best. Bane breaks him, Killing Joke, Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. Frank Millers batman v superman... when he is the greatest when he always has the right tool he is at his worse clique.

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