Animal Crossing Coming To Phones As A Camping Game

Animal Crossing Coming To Phones As A Camping Game

Animal Crossing is coming to phones, with Nintendo tonight announcing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

As the name might suggest, instead of taking place in a town, Pocket Camp puts you in a campground, where you run around doing chores for animals so you can build furniture and improve your stuff. And now you live in a camper van.

There’s a veneer of Animal Crossing to the whole thing, only now it’s obviously optimised for a more mobile experience, so expect cooldown timers and the opportunity to unlock stuff with “Lead Tickets”.

The game has multiplayer, with friends can come and visit your camp, and while there you can sell/trade items.

It will be a free download on both iOS and Android. You can pre-register for the Android version here.


  • …the opportunity to unlock stuff with “Lead Tickets”.It’s “LEAF” Tickets, BTW.
    Looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if they’ll allow pattern crafting or not? They probably wont, but I would love to make a copy of my 3DS character (He looks like Luke from the Layton series).

    • Watching the announcement the things you can buy in-game are “Leaf Tickets” that can be used to either substitute materials used in crafting, or to speed up crafting time for large projects. Honestly seems to be the least obtrusive pay model I could hope for.
      Still would’ve rather had a proper AC game announcement, but this looks good.

  • It’s already soft launched in Australia on Android. I’d paste the link but worried that would get captured as spam etc. You can find it on Press Start’s article.

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