Collaborative Mirror’s Edge Speedrun Is A Thing Of Beauty

Collaborative Mirror’s Edge Speedrun Is A Thing Of Beauty

Mirror’s Edge is a 2008 game all about hardcore parkour and fluid movement. A new collaborative speedrun shows off exactly what happens when you toss expert players behind the wheel.

The Mirror’s Edge speedrunning community released a segmented speedrun today, showcasing the game’s freerunning and some neat out of bounds glitches. A segmented speedrun takes disconnected portions of a game and links them together into one run.

This latest speedrun is the result of two years of work and optimization, featuring a total of 11 different runners.

The 22 minute, 40 second speedrun isn’t just fast; it’s also pretty bizarre. Everything start normal until about three minutes in when the runner tosses the main character Faith out of an elevator, runs on air, bashes out of bounds and pops up out of the ground further in the level. It’s gorgeous and only gets stranger from there.

“It was a monumental task which took an enormous amount of time, coordination and, most importantly, patience,” the video’s description reads. “While the possibilities in Mirror’s Edge are almost endless, this is as close as we have ever (and potentially, will ever) come to presenting a run which truly bleeds the game dry.”


  • This is beautiful, weird and frightening. And exciting! Only on PC would something like this be possible.

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