How Many Times Have You Seen A Star Wars Film?

Given that tickets for The Last Jedi are about to kick off in the next hour, so for this week's Off Topic let's all admit our flaws. How much money did you really spend rewatching all the Star Wars films?

I'll fess up first.

I went back and rewatched Episode Two three times. The first time was because, well, it was a Star Wars film. The two times after that were literally just to see the Yoda/Count Dooku fight.

I wasn't old enough to see the originals when they had a theatrical release, but I've seen the original trilogy four or five times each. Can't remember any other film I've seen that frequently, although I have seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a few times. Great film.

How many times have you seen Star Wars, and how many of those times were at the cinema?


    Original trilogy? Too many times to count. Prequels? Maybe 5-6 times in total?

    I watched the original trilogy on TV once and let the Star Wars universe pass me by.

    All the films at least twice in cinema. The first three maybe as much as four times. (seeing them on first release twice and then a few times on the release).

    The first trilogy at least once every year or so on VHS/dvd/bluray since. The same with the second trilogy. Seen Force Awakens on bluray maybe twice and Rogue One on bluray once. Given I was old enough to see the originals in the cinema, the rewatch number is very high for them.

    Not including all the times it was on tv, and THOUGHT I would just watch five minutes.

    The most I have even seen a movie at the cinema is a tie between Bram Stoker's Dracula and Return of the King. Four times each.

    All up? I have no idea. I probably watch them all about once a year, maybe? I remember when my dad first showed me A New Hope on VHS, I watched it every night for the following week when he showed me Empire. Which I then watched every night for the following week...

    In cinemas, I saw the 97 special editions once each when they came out. Episode 1 I saw 3-4 times (I was 10, which I maintain was the perfect age to see that film). Episode 2 and 3 twice each. Force Awakens I shamefully(?) saw seven times at the cinema, and Rogue One I saw 3 times.

    I will be seeing A New Hope in Feb next year with the SSO playing the score live, so don't know if that will count but I am looking forward to it either way.

    Oh Jeez.
    In 1977 I saw Star Wars 37 times.
    My dad was the projectionist at our local cinema, and he convinced me to go see it, even though I was kinda scared to go see a 'war movie'.
    My tiny mind was blown the moment the Star Destroyer passed overhead and shook the cinema and I went back to every screening. Dad even screened it 4 times for me and my friends.
    Since then I have seen it dozens more I guess, and I've since worked with Harmy and others on restoring the original version of the movie, originally from Laserdiscs and VHD (not VHS, VHD!) and more recently from original 35mm theatrical prints.

    The other films, I've seen Empire maybe 3 or 4 times, Jedi Twice, TFA twice and Rogue One twice. That was in the cinema, on home releases I've seen them all a couple of times more I guess.

    Weirdly, outside the films I'm not really a fan, I don't have merch other than 'Making of' books, and versions of the movies on every conceivable format, but that was mostly for restoration purposes.
    My 4 year old is a fan, but I've only let her watch the original movie so far.

    Saw all of them once each in the cinema. Bought the original trilogy on VHS back in the day (THX remastered editions were great). Watched the "special edition" versions of the original trilogy once each in the cinema, too, but that's about it. Never bought any of them on DVD / Blu / digital since they're all the special editions when all I want is a really nicely cleaned up version of the originals. I did re-watch The Force Awakens on Netflix, so I guess that was worth maybe $1 of that month's subscription?

    I think I saw the... Uh... 6th one once and I've seen Rogue One once.

    That's it.

    I’ve seen the prequels so many times I’ve lost count. Love them.

    Have never seen a movie at the cinema more than once

    Saw ESB and RoTJ at the drive in as a little kid

    Got all three on ex-rental video in the early 90s amd again on VHS in the mid 90s for the widescreen editions

    Saw all the special editions in the cinema amd attended midnight screenings for the prequel trilogy (hated TPM but really liked AotC)

    Saw Force Awakens in the cinema but didn't see Rogue One until it debuted on Netflix

    That was a mistake Rogue One was the better film by a long shot

      Strongly disagree on TFA/Rogue One. Rogue One may have been more original, but almost the entire film was fan service (though, occasionally, some pretty decent fan service I'll grant you), and the entire third act was a colossal mess of poor writing and stupid decisions, which I'd wager were a result of re-shoots. There were good moments (Vader VS the Rebels, the Hammerhead Corvette ramming the Star Destroyer, K-2SO every time he was on screen) but holistically it was average at best.

      TFA was only good and not great (ROTJ=Good, ESB=Great), but it was good the whole way through. That's also with the caveat that TLJ is NOT just a re-imagined ESB though.

        Yeah i just haven't been motivated to re-watch TFA. I rewatched it once on Netflix. I think had there been any scenes where all three new characters were together it would've been better but Poe is kind of out there on his own a bit and Rey is a major Mary Sue which could end up being interesting if they don't just rehash the old movies throughout.

        TFA was great and all but the parts that were great were mostly callbacks to the A New Hope

        Also I also really disliked how midway through the movie they destroyed some planets and I still have no idea what those planets were or why they were destroyed! Nor do I understand why they could observe this destruction from Maz's planet!!! It pulled me out of the movie

        By contrast everything in Rogue One was much clearer (with the exception of that stupid tentacle monster)

    I watch them all annually, sometimes twice annually, and have done so since I was 14. I'm now 21. I've also seen them all multiple times before starting my tradition. So all up, I reckon the entire OT I've seen at least 15 times. The Prequels about 10 each. And TFA 7. Oh and Rogue One 4 times. Of all of those, I saw TFA and Rogue One twice at the cinemas. Saw TFA at the midnight release dressed in Jedi robes with friends, and then again a couple days later with my dad. Same with Rogue One, minus the Jedi robes.

    Seen the original at least 20 times each, honestly most likely more, but I could not count, since I have been watching them for years, at least twice a year in recent years. Episode IV would have the most watches, as its my favourite.

    Prequels, Episode 1 at least 20 times, most due to the fact I had it on VHS as a kid and it was put on so many times. Episode 2 maybe 5 times and Episode 3 at least 15

    7 I have watched 12? 7 being in the cinema. And Rogue One around 7-8 times.

    Last edited 10/10/17 2:05 pm

    I've seen the original trilogy about 5 times and the prequel trilogy about 3 times each. I finally watched both A Force Awakens & Rogue One for the first time a few months back too. And same here Alex, I've seen the excellent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a fair few times myself (6 if memory serves me right).

    I was always more of an Indiana Jones kid. That said, I've probably seen the original trilogy around 5 times. Add a few more to Empire as it's the one that was always on TV for one reason or another.

    Prequels, once each, likewise new ones.

    I watched the Clone Wars film a bunch of times coz Genndy Tartakovsky is brilliant.

    TBH i feel nothing watching Star Wars films.

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