The Talos Principle Hits iOS, Finally

The Talos Principle Hits iOS, Finally

One of the best puzzle games over the last few years, The Talos Principle has finally made its way to mobiles. Apple mobiles, that is.

Perhaps the best thing from the makers of Serious Sam in the modern era, The Talos Principle hit Steam in December 2014 before getting an Android and PS4 release the year later.

Apple users were left out of the equation, until this week at least. As long as you’ve got an iPhone 5s/6 or better, or a 2nd generation iPad Pro/iPad Mini/iPad Air 2, you’ll be able to pick up Croteam’s philosophically heavy robot puzzler for $8.

The game will run at 60fps, although I’d venture you’d want a pretty recent iPhone to guarantee that level of performance. Nonetheless, as far as puzzlers go, The Talos Principle is immediately one of the best you can get on iOS. It was a fantastic game when it came out, with or without the DLC.

If you’re into VR, you might also like to know that Talos Principle VR launches in a few days as well.

The VR port will also come with the Road to Gehenna DLC, and proper locomotion support for anyone who doesn’t want to throw up in real-life pretending to jump on and off boxes all the time. (The mobile port, however, doesn’t come with Road to Gehenna.)


  • I don’t know if a tiny phone screen can do the amazing visuals and feeling of seclusion in a massive world justice.

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