Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Laws Just Had A Massive Win In The Senate

Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Laws Just Had A Massive Win In The Senate
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Australia’s same-sex marriage legislation is one step closer to becoming law following a massive endorsement in the Senate.

The bill passed 43 votes to 12, with a number of senators, including One Nation’s Pauline Hanson, abstaining from the vote.

Hanson claimed there was not enough “tolerance” in the senate for those who supported the no campaign.

Dean Smith’s private members bill passed without amendment, despite attempts by several MPs, including Attorney-general and government leader in the senate George Brandis, to change the legislation in a bid to protect people against being involved in a same-sex marriage on religious or “conscientious objection” grounds.

The bill will now head to the Lower House, but debate will be delayed until next week after prime minister cancelled this week’s sitting, citing this legislation as a priority for the government. Parliament returns next week with the legislation expected to pass by the end of the week.


    • I’m shocked!!

      They were hell bent on shoving all sorts of rubbish in there, I was getting worried it was all a vehicle to do a bunch of other things.

  • Absolutely proves that the $122million postal survey was complete political bastardry just to keep Turnbull in office for a few more months

    • I’ve said before that I think it was to keep more than just Turnbull in a job, but it was definitely politically related. The plebiscite was about offloading and “blame” to the general public, and not pissing off the no voters in their electorates.

      This was an issue that didn’t follow typical party lines. You couldn’t take a Liberal or Labor viewpoint and apply it to everyone, so any party that straight up supported it would get the cheers from their Yes vote supporters, but piss off the 40% that were No.

      And wouldn’t be convincing any Yes voters from the opposition to swing to their party come the next election. Its Politics 101 – don’t give the electorate reasons to vote against you.

      I genuinely think Turnbull would have just changed the law if he could have, but its such a passionate issue that it was never going to happen that way. And to keep their jobs come next election, they needed a scapegoat, which became us.

      • I think you’ve got the measure of this. From the public’s view it’s a waste of time and money, but from a political perspective it was a clever move. It’s democracy in action – the people said yes, so they “have to” pass it. If you don’t like it, you’re in the minority so tough shit. That’s much more palatable to people who voted no as opposed to their elected government doing something “without listening”.

        No doubt some on both sides of the two party fence hoped it’d fail, but it didn’t – and they win either way. The ALP had plenty of time to do it themselves, but never did because they knew it was a divisive and passionate issue. The LNP just capitalised on changing attitudes and came up with a clever way make it work politically.

    • A stalling tactic, for sure, although I think that certain people (Abbott, Abetz, Lyle Shelton) really believed the polls were wrong and there was a giant silent No vote just waiting to kill gay marriage off. Relieved that they were totally wrong.

      Still bastardry though.

  • Howard was the culprit for rushing the changes to the marriage act through legislation in ’04. The Libs are the reason we are in this mess now and the reason why we’ve spent so much money for it to be overturned. Meanwhile it’s pit the people against each other, in some instances violently, just so these Lib twats can save face!! No wonder people are so disenfranchised by these wankers and politics in general. /rant

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