DOOM Is Bonkers These Days

DOOM was always a little absurd, so naturally, modders took it further.

The above is just one of the many bonkers things you can do in the latest version of Brutal Doom v21. The full release won't be out until next month, but you can play an open beta now.

It includes absurd weapons:

And a tank:

That's only a snippet of how silly the original DOOM is now, but you can see more of that in the full trailer.

If you'd like to partake in some wholesale slaughter of demons for a laugh or two, the public beta of Brutal Doom v21 is available over at ModDB.

Update: ModDB, not IMDB. Please don't ask me why I was thinking about movies.


    IMDB? The Internet Movie Database is hosting Doom mods now?

      I mean, they're hosting DOOM (a version of it)...

      (I really don't know why I had movies on the mind)

        Now I'm imagining a movie streaming service that allows mods, so you can - I don't know - replace all the music in the DOOM movie with the E1M1 music. Or auto-insert deleted scenes and stuff.

    Wish they would make a new Doom movie, I think it would be done right now

    The DOOM Mod scene is awesome.

    I have been impressed with Brutal Doom since it's earlier release but the fact people are still releasing good content goes to show how good it gets when it comes to being a PC Gamer =)

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