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Halloween is coming around again this week. For many, it's an opportunity to dress up, do stuff with pumpkins and generally have a good time. Others rage about American holidays and the American way of life bleeding into Australia, instead opting to celebrate by getting angry on the internet.

Nonetheless, it's still a good chance for developers to do funky things with their games. Or releasing new ones, as in the case of Brutal Doom 64.


Brutal DOOM remains one of the most infamous DOOM modifications around, allowing folks to dial up the game's violence to new heights. Sure, it all looks a little goofy -- DOOM came out in in 1993, after all -- but Brutal DOOM still manages to shock. Next up? Bloody, destructible bodies!


SGtMarkIV, developer of Brutal Doom, writes in the description of his new video: "On v19 the dripping blood always looked the same and had an annoying sound. Now the blood will drip in different amounts depending of how much blood has hit the ceiling, and with much better new sounds."


One sec, gonna reinstall Doom. Quote-unquote ragdoll physics are one of the new features of the upcoming v20 update for Brutal Doom. The mod, which is now in its fourth year of development, will also be getting an updated particle system and better, sharper-looking blood decals in the new version.