Overwatch League Team Names, Ranked

Overwatch League Team Names, Ranked

The Overwatch League is gearing up for its inaugural season in 2018. All of the 12 teams competing in the new esports league have been announced, backed by familiar sports names like Patriots owner Bob Kraft and Mets owner Jeff Wilpon. Some of these names are fun and good; others less so. Here they are, ranked from best to worst:

1. London Spitfire

2. Seoul Dynasty

3. Philadelphia Fusion

4. Florida Mayhem

5. Houston Outlaws

6. Shanghai Dragons

7. Dallas Fuel

8. Los Angeles Gladiators

9. Los Angeles Valiant

10. San Francisco Shock

11. Boston Uprising

12. Getting hit by a car on Oasis

13. New York Excelsior


  • I love the fact the NY team named themselves Excelsior, not just because it’s the city motto but because of the Marvel/Stan Lee ties with the city!

    I wouldn’t rank London Spitfire first, because it just looks wrong to not have Spitfires (plural).

    I’d rank Shanghai Dragons much higher on the list too because Dragons 🙂

    Also, a bit bummed that LA gets two teams but Australia doesn’t even get a look-in.

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