Potential New Overwatch League Team Names, Ranked

In a recent quarterly earnings call, Activision Blizzard announced that it plans to add new franchises and cities to the Overwatch League in its second season. The Kotaku staff came up with a few suggestions for those teams' names. Some were very good; others, quite bad. Here they are, ranked best to worst.

Photo: Blizzard

1. Helsinki Hellfires

2. Virginia Vapers

3. Chicago Windycities

4. Kotaku In-Actions

5. New York Yonkees

6. Seattle Grindrz

7. Louisiana Purchase

8. Amazon's Second Headquarters Players

9. Tokyo Mirage Sessions On Nintendo Switch, Please

10. Chicago Fire

11. Bangkok Blues

12. Repeatedly getting hit by a car and resurrected by Mercy

13. Philadelphia Process

14. Boston Tea Parties


    At least make a joke article funny :/

    They'll be based on global cities (probably A or high B ranked global cities). I guarantee Blizzard will be trying to find another buy in from china, since 4/5 of the league viewers and merchandise buyers are from china (and shanghai ain't representing so well). They want to sell views and merch, so they'll most likely try to get teams in large population regions, maybe one from Japan, a Dutch team, Brazil, a Spanish team, and hopefully AU/NZ team.

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