People Are Creating Nightmares With The Sonic Forces Character Creator

Source: Ian Mutchler

Some of the original characters people are making with Sonic Forces's character creator are downright adorable. Others are using it to shitpost. Guess which one this post is about.

Yesterday, Heather Alexandra and I made a Sonic Forces original character for Kotaku (do not steal). We opted to go the cute route and gave her some floppy bunny ears and pretty blue eyes. Some people are doing the same, and have made a bunch of really adorable creatures.

As much as I've been loving watching people make the original Sonic characters from their youths, it's just as funny to watch people try to break the character creator. Take a gander:

Source: Game Grumps


Feel free to post either your creepy or cute Sonic Forces original characters below!


    We still got Sonic Mania in 2017. I call that a win for Sonic fans.

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