Don’t Steal Kotaku’s Sonic Forces Original Character

Sonic Forces’s character creator helps bring your DeviantArt creations to life to create wolf dudes, bird gals and bear pals. Staff writer Gita Jackson and I took this opportunity to create Kotaku‘s official fursona. Please don’t steal.

Set in a world where Doctor Robotnik (who I refuse to call Eggman) has conquered most of the planet, Sonic Forces follows a rag-tag resistance led by Knuckles. They have just found a new recruit: You! Or your furry version anyway.

Using the character creator, Gita and I sorted through options to create Kotaku the Rabbit. She’s had a few edibles and might be slightly spaced out, but she’s here to bring you all the gaming news and reviews that you could ever want. Kotaku the Rabbit is a 100 per cent original character who probably deserves all kinds of fan art.

Sonic Forces is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch.


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