Read The First Issue Of Kid's Crime Thriller 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Here For Free

Last year, Black Mask's 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank told an often dark, yet heartwarming tale about family... dark, because it just so happened to involve a group of kids kicking off their own bank heist. To celebrate the series' complete collection being released this week, we are pleased to share the first issue in its entirety for you to read.

Image: Black Mask Studios. Cover art by Tyler Boss.

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art from Tyler Boss and Thomas Mauer, 4 Kids follows the adventures of a young girl named Paige, who finds out her father has been roped into a bank robbery with some former friends. In order to stop her dad from getting in danger, Paige decides to take matters into her own hands by recruiting her nerdy, D&D-loving friends to help her rob the bank before her father has to. Check out the complete first issue below! Bear in mind, though: It gets NSFW, language-wise, so don't say you haven't been warned.

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank: The Complete Series is available today.


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