The Incredibles 2 Finally Has A Teaser Trailer

Image: Disney/Pixar

I've waited a long time for this. The sequel to Disney and Pixar's The Incredibles, still one of the most fun and well crafted superhero movies around, is finally within striking distance. And now we have a teaser.

It is, admittedly, not a massive trailer, offering little idea about the plot, setting, or tone of the new movie. But it does offer something fans have been waiting for for, oh, thirteen years or so: The moment when Mr. Incredible realises his son, Jack Jack, has superpowers. In rough terms: All of the powers.

Watch it below. The Incredibles 2 comes out June 14, 2018. Next year. Man, it feels good to say that.

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    What if it's more Cars 2 than Toy Story 2?

      I'm going to down vote your comment, not because I disagree, but because the reality of it upset me :'(


    They teased this teaser. I was expecting a trailer, not a teaser. Still excited though, the first one is brilliant. Apparently this bumped Toy Story 4 back as it was progressing much faster than originally thought.

    Though the only thing I was looking forward was everyone getting older and being more developed in their personalities and powers, with Jack still being a baby then at most a couple months have passed which is unfortunate.

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