30 Seconds Of From Software's Brand New Project

The Game Awards are already worth it if there's a new From Software trailer.

I have no idea what this is. I will play it. I will almost certainly love it.

I don't even know if it's called Shadows Die Twice, or if it's some reference to it being a Bloodborne sequel. Whatevs. New From Sofware game please. Get in mah belly.


    That looks a whole lot like NOT a new Armored Core. =(

    I heard it was a point and click, choose your own adventure.

    There's teaser trailers, and then there's showing and telling so little that you're just wasting the time of everyone who watches it.

    This falls into the latter category.

      That was unfortunately my thoughts on it, too :(

    Yep. Not even a teaser really... just an announcement they are doing something.
    Which is great news!

    Whilst I wish it was a Bloodborne sequel, I'm pretty sure "Shadows Die Twice" means a Shadow Tower sequel.
    Still exciting.

    Shadows dying twice could be a reference to the Tenchu series. That had a bunch of undead and mechanical enemies too which would fit with the "Teaser".

      Oh man, Tenchu! I haven't played (or even thought about) that since the PS1 days. Would be very keen to see how it would shape up in a PS4 version.

    I said it ages ago and I'll say it again Shadowgate: The Abyss sequel. Hoping.

    100% this is Bloodborne 2. Firstly the tiny footage is very similar in color and production values as the original CG Bloodborne trailer. The whole reason it is so short is that if anything else was shown it would be too obvious what it is. Bloodborne 2 is a slam dunk for Sony and they know it. Judging by the comments here they have done a good job throwing people off the scent.

      Except Bloodborne was most definitely a Gothic European style and everything (what little there was) in that video was distinctly oriental, so unless it's Bloodborne suddenly in an oriental setting I'd say no

      Last edited 08/12/17 6:01 pm

        WHere are you getting oriental from a 5 second teaser which shows nothing?

          The music, the calligraphy in the background, the fact that is is almost certainly a new Tenchu game based on the tagline in the trailer...

          Last edited 10/12/17 6:01 am

    I almost actually fell out of my chair when i watched this trailer during the Game Awards livestream.

    Looks like i might need a PS4 soon haha

    Oh #$%! They are making Etenral Darkness 2!

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