A Game About Biting Faces

Normal Human Face Simulator is a free game about tearing off your opponent's flesh with your teeth, a perfectly normal thing to do.

Normal Human Face Simulator is a local co-op game where you try to eat your buddy's face off until their face is all gone. You lunge with A or the left arrow, and then repeatedly hit D or the right arrow to bite. It's great.

The gross-out factor is most of the fun. I was delighted when I realised I could chomp off an ear like I did above. I also really like Normal Human Face Simulator's abstract art style, which is just the right amount of gory. It's neat to see all the muscles work after you've torn some huge pieces of skin off. Other people think that too, right? That's a normal thing to think.

You can check out the game on itch.io here.


    Wasn't this already a story here earlier?

    Bath Salts Simulator 2017

      Oh man, I just found out about that on the weekend through Stuff You Should Know. I even looked at the photos. That poor man.

      Apparently wasn't bath salts though.

        There’s been cases where the person on bath salts have gotten all bitey.

        Are you referring to the incident with the two old folks in the garage? Yeah that wasn’t bath salts.

          No, I'm referring to Rudy Eugene in Florida eating a homeless man's face, where police said "yeah, might be bath salts" but toxicology tests indicated no such thing.

          It's like the first result on google.

            I guess there’s multiple cases of face-eating that got mistaken for bath salts.

            Look up Austin Harrouff. Seriously messed up stuff.

    Thanks for letting me know all the eaten faces I shouldn't look up. Gonna not look them up forever.

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