Be A Good Machine With Rumu, Out Today

Image: Robot House

A game about vacuuming shouldn't excite me but Rumu is so much more than that. Out now on Steam, Rumu is the story of the little robot vacuum that could.

Rumu loves to clean.

Players will control the charming little robot vacuum as he cleans the messes left behind by his conspicuously absent owners, David and Cecily. Rumu loves David and Cecily.

Developed by Sydney studio Robot House, the game takes the form of a point and click adventure, reading notes to work out passwords and tidying up messes as you go along. The house AI, Sabrina, gently nudges Rumu through the process. Rumu loves Sabrina.

However not everything is idyllic as it appears. As Rumu does his best, Sabrina may be hiding something from him. Rumu loves to do his best.

Full of gorgeous diorama-esque rooms, a beautiful soundtrack and satisfying thunks when you run into things, Rumu is as charming as games can get. Not only does the game look and sound amazing, the writing is brilliant. Rumu loves to run into things.

Rumu is out now on Steam. Rumu loves Steam.


    Good plug is good. Robot House deserves love. Like... Day One un-discounted kinda love.

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