Breath Of The Wild iMessage Stickers Make Texting An Adventure

There is nothing you have to say that cannot be said with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's new animated iMessage stickers.

Released today on iTunes for $US1.99 ($3), the official Breath of the Wild sticker set features 24 animations to use in place of ponderous words while texting with your friends or loved ones. No longer will you have to say things like "going to bed," "let's party," "I approve" or "wow" without Nintendo RPG accompaniment.

Want to tell someone you think their idea is asinine? Say it with Revali. Got something shocking to say? No one does shocking better than Urbosa. Here is an actual exchange I had with my wife.

See? She didn't even need to respond. That's how powerful these stickers are.


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