Imhotep Is 2017's Best Australian Board Game

Image: Thames & Kosmos

Australian board game designer Phil Walker-Harding can add another trophy to his cabinet after picking up Boardgame Australia's 2017 Best Australian Game for Imhotep.

Boardgames Australia is a group dedicated to raising the profile and help the growth of Australian board gaming. Their annual awards highlight the best board games made by Australian designers, as well as the best family games and the best international games.

This year, the top prize went to Imhotep. This is the second time Phil Walker-Harding has won the Best Australian Game after winning in 2015 with Sushi Go!.

Imhotep is a clever little game about moving stones down the Nile. Players will jostle for position, trying to place stones on the right boats so that they can move them at the right times for maximum benefit or - if you're anything like me - for maximum detriment of your friends.

Short, sharp and well-balanced, Imhotep is a deserving winner. It was also nominated for this year's Spiel des Jahres, losing to Kingdomino.

Other games nominated for the Best Australian Game were: Burger Up, Cacao, Cogz, Elysium, One Zero One and Unfair.

Keep an eye out for Walker-Harding's latest game, Bärenpark, which is also likely to pick up some accolades.

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    I don't mind board game content on kotaku, but could you guys add in some photos of the game boards, pieces or gameplay. Even step by step photos on how it's played.

    It's a little bit boring reading about how a board game works and only getting to the see the art on the front box cover.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      That's definitely something we can do.

    At a glance this looks like a resource generation / management and worker placement game along the lines of Puerto Rico?

    Cacao is also by Phil Walker-Harding and is a fine worker placement offering. I'm glad to see W.A local Wes Lamont's masterwork COGZ got nominated - which is an exceptional abstract cunningly concealed in a high end steampunk themed production.

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