Board Games Have Some Great Black Friday Deals Too

Board Games Have Some Great Black Friday Deals Too
Image: Amazon

It’s not just old stock of Xbox Ones or bargains on the PS4 Slim. If you’ve been thinking about picking up some stellar board games for your collection, today’s a damn fine day to do it.

The list below is curated from Amazon. I’ve gone through and made sure all of the items will ship to Australia, and I’ve used the Board Game Search aggregator to compare prices against local stores (which includes Advent Games, Good Games, UK retailer OzGameShop, Gameology and more).

The best way is to have a whole bunch delivered at once. That makes shipping a little bit easier, especially if you’re going to buy a bunch of smaller games or card games like Sushi Go and Lost Cities.

You can keep searching and find a lot more, but here’s a solid list to get started:

Forbidden Island: $16.14 (usually $25-30)
Imhotep: $36.32 (usually $60-70)
Codenames: $15.06 (usually $28-35)
Seven Wonders: $37.67 (usually $65-70)
One Night Ultimate Werewolf: $19.10 (usually $30-45)
Pandemic: $26.90 (usually $50-65)
Star Wars Rebellion: $95.16 (usually $135-175)
Blood Rage: $71.01 (usually $100-125)
Dixit: $34.97 (usually $45-50)
Mage Knight: $80.74 (usually $110-160)
King of Tokyo 2016 Edition: $37.31 (usually $47-60)
Mysterium: $58.50 (usually $60-75)
Dead of Winter Crossroads: $58.79 (usually $75-98)
Warhammer Quest The Adventure Card Game: $40.66 (usually $53-70)
A Game of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition: $59.59 (usually $80)

While the specials for a couple of games don’t look that much better than what you can get locally, keep in mind that’s wholly dependent on the stock that’s available at your local store. I’d recommend supporting them if you don’t mind paying extra, but if you’re going to save $20+ then it’s best to do a bulk order online.

As for everything else though, the deals are pretty damn good – especially those who remember some of the markups at events recently.


  • See header image showing Scythe, come here all excited for bargain on game I want. Find crushing dissapointment.

  • Lots of cool boardgames there, but I feel some people who don’t know them will be put off by not knowing if they will enjoy them.

    • These are all extremely popular and well known games amongst hobby boardgamers. Anyone who spends any time on r/boardgames or boardgamegeek will know all of these. I think perhaps the most obscure one is Imhotep, but that was a Spiel de Jahres nominee this year, so even that’s not too uncommon.

      • yeah I know, but I was more referring to those people who don’t frequent such sites, or may be interested in getting started with playing boardgames, Much of the time you cant often tell much from how a boardgame plays based off its name alone.

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