Overwatch Gets Separate Currency For League Skins

The moment Blizzard announced team-specific Overwatch skins as part of its effort to make the game more watchable, it was pretty much inevitable that they'd become available to the game's skin-starved general populace as well. You won't be unlocking them the normal way, though.

In a video released today, OWL commissioner Nate Nanzer explained that team skins will only be available via a new currency called League Tokens. Nanzer said that Blizzard decided to implement this system "to ensure that the correct amounts from your League-related purchases go towards the teams".

On the upside, you'll be able to use League Tokens to purchase specific skins, which does sound better than cracking open a loot box and scoring a skin of a team you despise for a character you've never touched in your life. On the downside, it's another fake currency in a game that already has one, a sure recipe for convolution.

Nanzer said that when the system launches early next year, every player who logs in will be granted enough tokens to purchase one skin. He did not say, however, whether players will be able to unlock more tokens through MLG-calibre plays of their own, or if they will only be able to buy them.


    Well it not being random is a welcome change.

    Now drop the arbitrary currency and allow direct billing for individual items or at least let people purchase only the currency they need so they don't have leftover space bucks they paid for but can't/won't use.

    One step better...

    If they allow the purchase of the other ingame credits for a reasonable price allowing one ro avoid gambling boxesthatvwpuld redeem them in my eyes.

    So How Will We Be Obtaining These Seperate Currency You Said Logging One But The Use Said That You Had To Watch A Team So Im Confused.


      This comment..

      How much drugs have you taken?

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