Pro Gears Of War Players Put On A Taunting Clinic

A top-level Gears Of War player should exhibit certain attributes: accuracy, dexterity, quick thinking, and communication. At this weekend's Dallas Open, several teams showed it's also beneficial to be skilled at trash talk.

Sure, it's a pro gamer stereotype to launch into a flurry of taunts after sufficiently owning your opponent, but to be honest, I'm pretty ok with it. As long as it remains in the region of good-natured ribbing rather than actual hateful banter, trash talk is an excellent complement to the action. The Gears pros in Dallas this weekend certainly don't come up short in spirit.

Here's a small collection of the post-match preening (only the first, sadly, has audio of the chatter):

The rest of the action played out today over at the Gears Of War Twitch channel. May the winning team's victory speech be as animated as the banter.


    Perfect role models for all the obnoxious little pricks out there!


    Absolute tools. How is dropping F*cking N*gger six times after killing someone a "great complement to the action".

    This is why E-sports are still laughed at by many. All I think of when I see these guys is that they need to lay off the sponsered energy drinks and look up the definition of a humble victory.

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