Gears of War Console Bundle Hits Next Week

Gears of War Console Bundle Hits Next Week
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Microsoft has just announced a new Xbox 360 console bundle will be hitting Australia next week.

The Gears of War bundle contains:

* An Xbox 360 Pro console with 60GB hard drive
* A copy of Gears of War
* A copy of Gears of War 2
* Plus all the usual stuff that comes with the Pro console

It retails for $449, which is the current RRP, and goes on sale June 4. CORRECTION: It retails for $449 – which is $50 more than the regular Pro console without bundled games – and goes on sale June 4.

Note that Microsoft’s press release includes a couple of par for the course caveats, namely “available at participating stores” and “while stocks last”, but these sorts of things always do.

The Gears bundle arrives hot on the heels of the Grand Theft Auto IV Elite bundle announced last week and hitting shelves this Thursday.

Anyone thinking of picking up one of these 360 bundles?


  • That’s an awesome deal. I had to buy both Gears’ seperately and put up with Kung-Fu Panda and Lego 🙁

  • Well i just purchased another copy of Gears of War 1 off eBay because the last one is thrashed. I just returned a GoW2 a few weeks back to JB Hi-Fi after 2 days because of that stupid disc error thats floating around A LOT!

    So i could get this, but i want a 120GB. Probs settling on the GotY Elite Bundle.

  • “It retails for $449, which is the current RRP”

    $449 is the current RRP? Thought it was the $399 for the pro console?
    Should come with a red controller

  • GoW2 is a big let down in Australia for multiplayer. Epic treat us like second class citizens, don’t care about us getting stuck in laggy american games and penalized for leaving.

    That said, this really isn’t that cheap, EB are selling GoW2 for 55 dollars atm.

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