In South Korea, Rock Star Becomes A Battlegrounds Pro 

Jung Joon Young isn't only a regular on South Korean TV, but he's also the lead singer of the rock group Drug Restaurant. He's just added a new gig to his large resume: Esports pro.

Image: Kongdoo

As tipster Sang points out, Jung has signed to Kongdoo Company, which was founded by retired StarCraft legend Hong "YellOw" Jin Ho, playing professionally for its PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds team Kongdoo Reddot.

Image: Kongdoo

Jung, who also works as an actor, radio DJ and all-around celebrity, impressed Kongdoo Company with his playing ability and deep grasp of the game.

"I know there is a big difference between simply enjoying the game and playing as a pro," Jung is quoted as saying (via Sang). "Now that I am part of a pro team, I will do my best to blend in with the existing Kongdoo members and become a player to contribute to the team."

If the pro gaming thing doesn't work, Jung can always fall back on his old rockstar job. His band Drug Restaurant is very, very good.

His solo stuff ain't bad either.


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