Not Even Excellent Outfits Can Save Overwatch Pros From Other Team's Genji

KongDoo Panthera's outfits are so good. While other Overwatch teams go with the standard "we wear jerseys basically all the time" look (AKA "the Kevin Smith"), KongDoo's players prefer to snazz it up. Last season they wore stylish dress shirts and suspenders. This season? Sailor uniforms.

Image credit: Kongdoo Panthera.

It's a heck of a fashion statement, which I almost typo-ed as "deck", because 1) it's been a long week and 2) BOATS. Despite the adorable new look, however, KongDoo couldn't quite pull off a win in their first match of OGN's APEX season three. They faced off against season two champions Lunatic-Hai, and while they looked strong in the match's early goings, Lunatic-Hai pulled ahead as time wore on. Lunatic-Hai player Lee "Whoru" Seung Joon's Genji play, especially, was a sight to behold:

In a single, high-flying run, he knocked off KongDoo Panthera's Zenyatta, Tracer, Winston and Soldier 76. In another fantastic moment, he sliced clean through KongDoo Panthera's Pharmercy combo, a beautiful bond of love and comradery considered by most to be ninja-proof:

I saw somebody refer to this play as "anime shit". That sounds about right.

In the end, Lunatic-Hai managed a reverse sweep, snatching up Volskaya, Dorado and King's Row after a shaky first couple games. Let's be real, though: In functional but drab jerseys, Lunatic-Hai only kinda look like winners. KongDoo, meanwhile, has the appearance of a team ready to make waves this season.

And also sail a boat.


    These guys know what they're doing, fan girls for days.

    So. Goddamn cute. We need more of this in esports.

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