Look At This Little Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC

Look At This Little Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC

Isn’t Digital Storm’s Project Spark adorable? Only 30cm tall, yet they still managed to include a transparent side panel and LED-lit liquid cooling.

Announced at CES 2018, Project Spark (not to be confused with Microsoft’s defunct game creation app) is boutique system builder Digital Storm‘s latest attempt at packing as much PC power into as small a space as possible. In this case, that space is 30cm high, 10cm wide and only 15cm deep.

This is the same angle I take selfies at to make myself seem smaller.

This is the same angle I take selfies at to make myself seem smaller.

The tiny form factor is made possible by a combination of a custom hardline liquid cooling system and tiny innards. The cooling means the CPU (up to an Intel Core-i7 8700K) stays nice and frosty. The graphics are provided by the mobile versions of NVIDIA’s Geforce GTX 10 series cards, from the 1060 on up to the 1080. Around back it’s got space for a standard SSD drive and three M.2 storage ports, so not only is it really small, it’s also upgradeable.

The man in this video is not me, no matter how much he looks like me makes Riley’s head hurt. My hats are less poofy.
“We’ve always wanted to design and build a PC that raises the bar in terms of performance-per-square-inch and cooling,” said Digital Storm founder Harjit Chana via official announcement.

“Advances in motherboard design have finally allowed us to make this goal a reality for our customers.”

The last time I played with one of Digital Storm’s small form-factor PCs it was the Bolt II. Project Spark makes the Bolt II look like a cow. A small, metal, rectangular cow.

Project Spark is launching in the second quarter of this year, with the base model (featuring GTX 1060 graphics) starting at $US1,299 ($1,662).


  • Thats pretty cool, im guessing they are using a proprietary PSU unless its external? (which would make me sad panda).
    Between this and the Dancase M1, i think id still prefer the Dancase

      • Nah, it’s external. Mini STX uses DC input from a brick. So there’s no internal PSU, everything is powered off the motherboard & there is literally no cables needed to be managed, it’s an awesome form factor & uses MXM GPU’s, which are commonly for laptops.

      • From what i can tell the HDD mounts are on the underside of the motherboard but I hope it is hidden up top, that would make for an awesome self contained unit but im guessing that top component is for rad + fan + breathing room, doubt something like an SFX-L would be able to fit.
        It is running MXM gear so they are generally less power hungry compared to their desktop counterparts so they might actually get away with using a small laptop sized brick.

        The fact these companies are bringing cool desktops to the market just makes me all kinds of giddy and thats what really matters 😀

    • It’s STX form factor, so it uses DC to DC, so you’ll have a 180w power brick or a 330w, something like that, but yeah the motherboards have a DC input on the back similar to those 4pin ones you find on some gaming laptops.

    • I think it’d have to be an external gpu if it’s cramming that kind of performance into the case

      • its an MXM form factor GPU (Interchangeable laptop grade) not a desktop card. so it performs close to its desktop counterpart but the watercooling should help clock it up no problems

  • This is one of the coolest builds i’ve seen yet in small form factor. But it is Digital Storm, shit is gonna be expensive yo.

      • The first picture – the long tube on the right. There’s heaps of bubbles – they could be pumping carbonated water! Unless that’s some air bubble styled tubing.

        Hmm I just watched the video and the tubing does seem to use some fancy pants tubing.

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