Razer Wants To Turn Its Gaming Phone Into A Laptop

Razer Wants To Turn Its Gaming Phone Into A Laptop

The Razer Phone is a very powerful piece of Android hardware. The Project Linda concept, revealed today at CES 2018, is a dock for the Razer Phone that turns it into a 13.3-inch Android gaming laptop. Why not?

It’s essentially a Razer Blade laptop, only instead of PC internals it’s powered by a Razer Phone inserted in the base of the unit below the keyboard. Once plugged in, the phone’s display transfers to the laptop’s 4K 120 Mhz touchscreen display, with the smaller screen acting as either a touchpad or a secondary display. The dock features its own internal battery, as well as an additional 200GB of storage.

Razer Wants To Turn Its Gaming Phone Into A Laptop

It’s a very neat concept. Having spent many trade shows with my laptop tethered to my my phone’s mobile connection due to shoddy Wi-Fi, I can certainly see the appeal.

Project Linda is only in the conceptual stage at the moment, something for Razer to show off at CES 2018 in hopes of scoring another Best Of award. But it’s a concept that makes a lot of sense, not just for the Razer Phone, but for all sorts of mobile phones. Hit up the project’s official web page for more information.


  • Seems that every year Razer has a new concept but they never deliver

    starting to peeve me a bit

    • Most of what you’ll CES is just proof of concept designs that will never make it to market.

      • Maybe… but most companies usually have a deliverable from their prototypes on display. Either to test market response or show new directions tje are looking towards.

        Proof of concepts usually result in some development outcome if recieved well… Razors just disappear all together like they were desperate to fill the booth with something for CES.

  • ASUS already did this. It wasn’t a great idea then and it’s not such a great idea now. Android desktop isn’t that useful.
    What I really want is a phone that’s as powerful as a desktop, and can be docked as one and used as a workstation.

  • Motorola did this years ago. Same with Asus. They both sucked, so I’m curious why Razer thinks this version will be less sucky

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