The New Anime Everyone Is Talking About

The New Anime Everyone Is Talking About

Even though it’s only one episode in, this season’s breakout anime looks like it could be Pop Team Epic.

[Image via saltydkdan]

Originally a web manga, Pop Team Epic follows the surreal adventures of two mouthy schoolgirls. Since the original manga was filled with absurdist humour, pop culture references and memes, you can bet the anime version is, too.

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And so far, people are enjoying what they’re seeing.


  • Seriously most incoherent, unfunny, poorly animated and poorly voiced tripe I have seen.
    A gif doesn’t do this justice, its a full episode length of jumble up pop culture references that are poorly written.

    people are enjoying what they’re seeing.
    Who are these people, we need to get them help as soon as possible.

    and I wish I saw Anime News Network review before I saw this first episode…

  • Brian Ashcraft – the best writer in the world. Writes six lines that tell me nothing about why this anime is the “best” of the season. Does that even qualify as a review? And then here’s a bunch of hype-filled social media posts that are essentially meaningless.

  • I watched it last night, the intro was funny as shit, I had to go back and check I was watching the right thing.

    It was fun, but I think I would’ve preferred to watch the segments broken up over time as I assume they are meant to be shown, got a bit weary by the end.

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